What is the best way to enlarge my buttocks?

Published: 24.11.2022
Updated: 05.07.2023


Fashionable "selfies" (buttock selfies) respond to the trend for body positivity: as we know from recent history, the Kardashian-Jenner clan has made a fortune from pictures of their heels. One cover of Paper Magazine with Kim Kardashian holding a glass of champagne on her buttocks instantly became a textbook meme. Surgery to reshape the buttocks is called gluteoplasty. In the U.S., from 2000 to 2018, the number of buttock lift surgeries alone increased by 256%. In Russia (and in the intelligentsia of St. Petersburg), this surgery has not been very popular. Doctors attribute this to the climate (you can't go to the beach every day). But under the influence of fashion or their own convictions, Russian women turn to surgeons from time to time.

If hyaluronic acid-based filler can be used to pump up the lips, then why not use it for the buttocks as well?

"Previously, in the EU and Russia, there were certified drugs that were intended to be injected into the soft tissues of the breasts and buttocks. The syringes held 10-20 milliliters of gel, and several dozen of them were injected into a patient at a time. Then these fillers left the market," says plastic surgeon and cosmetologist Maxim Andreevich Krasnoselskikh.

In the 1990s, doctors came up with a new way to combat gravity - a thread elevator. Threads are inserted into selected areas, and then the soft tissues are fixed by stretching. But they can't cope with the buttocks.

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"This type of elevator is suitable for a facelift. Soft, mobile and light tissues respond perfectly to it. But it's hard to imagine how many threads are needed to lift the buttocks and fix them for at least a year. But the threads can improve the quality of the skin, for example, to reduce flabbiness, increase elasticity, "- says Maxim Andreevich.

Installation of silicone implants is the most reliable method of buttock augmentation. Of the disadvantages - long rehabilitation and the inability to put injections. But doctors consider lipofilling to be the most optimal procedure for ideal buttocks. If only because for one procedure it is possible to visually improve the entire body, and the scars remain minimal. The only ones at risk in this situation are the fat cells themselves. From where these delicate creatures multiplied and fed, they are driven out to oxygen, and then to a new uninhabited place.

There can also be contraindications to surgery. The plastic surgeon Arthur Alexandrovich Khristenko told about them:

"There are two good reasons for not performing a gluteoplasty. The first one is a medical condition. The surgery cannot be performed in case of exacerbation of chronic diseases, in autoimmune pathologies or if there are abnormalities in the tests, which are taken before the procedure. Another contraindication is pregnancy, as well as a tendency to pathological scarring of tissues. The second is overestimated and unrealistic expectations of patients. Sometimes they show me the results of surgery on other people who have completely different anatomical structure, and it is impossible to achieve a similar result. And even if we perform a high-quality gluteoplasty, the person will remain dissatisfied.

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