Tsoi Yuri Robertovich

About the doctor

Plastic surgeon at DEGA Clinic

Experience: 11 years

Yuri Robertovich is a plastic surgeon who performs most types of aesthetic operations on the face and body. He is an expert in mammoplasty, facial rejuvenation and oriental (Asian) blepharoplasty. He is skilled in unique techniques of breast augmentation with axillary access, breast lift without silicone implants with parenchymal modification, and tubular breast correction.

Patients note not only the high level of professionalism of the doctor, but also a sincere desire to come to an understanding with the patient, to give answers to all questions of concern.

Yuri Robertovich is a member of the Society of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons (SPRAS), clearly follows all the provisions of the approved organization's code of ethics, which is an additional guarantee of patient safety.

The doctor regularly participates in Russian and international congresses, symposiums and conferences in the field of aesthetic medicine. He regularly gives speeches and publishes research articles.

Education and career

2013 - Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk. Faculty of Medicine, diploma with honors.

2013-2014. - Clinical internship in surgery, Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk

2014 - 2016. - Clinical residency in plastic surgery, First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg.

2019 - Advanced training in Surgery

2020 - Advanced training in plastic surgery


2014-2016. - Almera, Consultant Physician

2017-2018 г. - "City Hospital No. 9", surgeon

2018-2022 - "Academy of Plastic Surgery", plastic surgeon

2022 - plastic surgeon at Dega Clinic

Сертификат Tsoi Yuri Robertovich
Сертификат Tsoi Yuri Robertovich
Сертификат Tsoi Yuri Robertovich
Сертификат Tsoi Yuri Robertovich
Сертификат Tsoi Yuri Robertovich
Сертификат Tsoi Yuri Robertovich
Cost of an initial appointment 3000 ₽
Cost of a follow-up appointment 1800 ₽
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Tsoi Yuri Robertovich

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